Tribe Edinburgh - Laser Technician, Cosmetic Tattooing & Receptionist




Keeping things in line at Tribe Edinburgh is the lovely Laura. She's always ready to help with any queries you may have. Laura has a passion for tattoos, beauty, nature, art and music. 

Laura is a trained laser technician and runs the Laser Tattoo Removal clinic in Tribe Edinburgh. She lasers during Tribe Edinburgh opening hours, Tues - Thurs 12- 6, Fri and Sat 11 - 6.

Laura is also a qualified cosmetic tattooist. Laura tattoos eyebrows (powdered or hairstroke), eyeliner (Top, bottom or both), lip liner and lip blush.

You can keep an eye on her work by visiting her Facebook, or Instagram pages.

Tattoo removal

This is an example of how 4 sessions of tattoo removal has lightened a tattoo enough to be able to cover it with a new design. (Lasering by Laura, coverup tattooed by Erik in Tribe edinburgh)