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Gabriel 'Dubh' Carline is originally from Edinburgh but has lived and worked in many places including Bristol, Dublin, London, Barcelona, Switzerland and Nepal and has spent long visits to countries like Colombia, Indonesia, China, India and much of Western Europe where those cultures have had a lasting impression on his work,

Starting his career in the music industry as a DJ, live musician, promoter and nightclub manager - changing direction slightly in 2007 to pursue his lifelong love of art - he studied fine art at Liberties College Dublin followed by a stint at Falmouth University, taking part in their undergraduate animation degree.

After meeting a tattoo artist in 2009 and being amazed by the level of detail and use of colour in one of their tattoos (a scene from Alice in Wonderland), Gabriel decided to drop out of university and embark on a path of tattooing and other visual arts, which has seen him work alongside award winning artists and experience things like tattooing a national park security guard at 8200ft in the Himalayan mountains.

With a deep respect of nature and a passion for the ocean (which includes surfing) – Gabriel's tattoos are informed by this appreciation of the natural world and the shared stories humans tell in order to understand it.

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